Swedish Massage Therapy

We recommend massage for patients with chronic stress and tension, poor circulation and myofascitis (muscle and connective tissue pain). We often use massage in conjunction with chiropractic to treat specific ailments such as sciatica, lower back pain, neck or shoulder tension and many sports injuries.A series of regularly scheduled massage sessions enhances your ability to cope with daily stress, and to breathe more easily. The brain releases endorphins during massage, producing a reduction in pain and a feeling of overall wellbeing. Massage produces a rise in blood and lymph circulation, which aid in clearing your body of such metabolic wastes as lactic acid. More oxygen reaches your tissues during a massage, which in turn reduces muscle fatigue and speeds recovery. After-exercise massage reduces stiffness and soreness.We can integrate triggerpoint therapy into your massage treatment to alleviate specific points of tension and toxicity in overused muscle groups. By adding specific aromatherapy oils, we can produce either a stimulating or relaxing effect, as appropriate.

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