Meet Our Practitioners

Swedish Massage & Reflexology

Daria has over 20 years experience in massage therapy and energy medicine. A graduate of Marymount College and the Swedish Institute, she specializes in working with doctors, therapists, spiritual teachers and indigenous healers to construct multi-faceted wellness plans for her clients. In addition to her hands-on healing work, Daria was a consultant for the University of Tennessee Cancer Institute as they created their Complementary Medicine program. Her individually tailored treatments utilize her extensive knowledge of the structural body as well as her knowledge of the energetic body in order to optimize the client’s ability to heal and maintain optimal life force. 

Deep Tissue Massage & Active Isolated Stretching

Raul specializes in the connection between deep tissues and the mental aspects of the client. He earned an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies from the Swedish Institute in 2003, and has studied with many top mind/body specialists in the United States. A swimmer, cyclist and runner, Raul has completed nine NYC marathons, three half-ironman races, several Olympic distance triathlons and two 5.85-mile swims. He understands the connection between physical stability, mental focus and stamina, making him the ideal practitioner for both clients with sports injuries and those seeking to improve to their personal best. Raul worked for 23 years as a make-up artist prior to his current achievements as a healer. He appreciates the health and beauty of his clients, inside and out.